From South Africa to Qatar on clean gas-to-liquid fuel

To mark the official opening of the ORYX GTL production facility, the Sasol Chevron GTL Challenge team successfully completed a journey from South Africa to Qatar. The team arrived in Qatar in time for the official opening of the facility, which will produce commercially available fuel late this year. The team, comprising of twelve men and women, showed the gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel burned significantly cleaner than conventional diesel vehicles that also made the trip. The GTL fuel results in a significant reduction in sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. The Sasol Chevron GTL Challenge team took over a month and a half to get from Sasolburg, South Africa, to Qatar. One of the team's vehicles, a Toyota Hilux Raider, was fuelled solely on GTL diesel fuel, provided by Sasol's plant in Sasolburg.
[Source: AMEInfo]

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