Don't worry... this one's news to us, as well. You're looking at the fruits of the Composite Car Project, a mid-engined, Porsche 911-powered street racer made of fiberglass and Aramid honeycomb (read: Kevlar) weighing just 1650 lbs. and named 'Heidelberg.' Saleens, Nobles, Moslers and Ultimas just too 'common' for you? Then eBay might just have your number with this auction.

And like any exclusive offer worth its salt... "But wait, there's more!" The winning bidder also receives all of the molds, dies, and tooling used to make the Heidelberg, along with a second red car awaiting the bidder's choice of powertrains. All-in, the seller reckons there are two semi-loads of stuff worth around $1.5 million dollars (including tons of spare parts) in addition to the two cars. A matching set of Ginsu knives are apparently extra, sadly.

These represent two of three CCPs produced, so someone out there is running around with another of these eccentric gullwing racers. The eBayer is quick to point out that these cars aren't built from kits, they are "... a result of an aerospace company just having fun."

What do you think... any of you readers keen on starting your own supercar company? If you buy it, be sure to drop us a line... mid-nineties technology or no, we want a test-drive.
[Source: eBay]

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