Renewable energy at New Life's 14 homeless shelters

Anyone who believes green car technology is only for affluent folks who can afford to spend time making their own biodiesel or converting their diesel into a SVO vehicle could learn a thing or two from television preacher/homeless advocate/anti-death penalty activist Rev. Larry Rice and the work he's doing at his New Life Evangelistic Centers. In a profile in the Kansas City Star (from the Associated Press), Rice says that green technologies like composting toilets and solar panels can benefit everyone.
"A lot of this was being done among middle- and upper-income people," Rice says in the article. "We wanted to get this to the people who needed it the most."
Rice runs 14 church-based homeless shelters in St. Louis, Kansas City, southern Illinois and northern Arkansas. People who live in the shelters get free room and board in exchange for working at New Life's TV and radio network. Alternative energy used at the shelters includes wind energy, wood (for stoves), and biodiesel (in cars) made from used cooking oil. Rice says he wants people to see, "all this free energy that God has given us."

[Source: Associated Press]

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