City official in Utah trades in Hummer because of "pressure"

The headline of this story in the Salt Lake Tribune says that "pressure" forced a small-city management services director to trade in the Hummer the city had purchased for him for a smaller SUV. The precise nature of this "pressure" is never named, although the Hummer's pathetic fuel economy (10 mpg city/13 mpg highway) is the implied culprit, since the story makes a point to compare these figures with the car the director traded the Hummer in for, a GMC Yukon. The official in question, Mark Johnson, works in Ogden and returned the Hummer about a week ago. The Tribune article says that "Johnson said media scrutiny of the vehicle prompted him to replace it." Vague, isn't it?

Well, let the Ogden Standard-Examiner clear things up. Their editorial from mid-May say's Johnson's choice is "baffling" and that "driving such a conspicuous gas hog" is "socially radioactive". The whole deal is "an absurd flaunting of government largesse", the paper wrote. Ahhh, that clears things up.

By the way, the Yukon's mileage figures are not much better, in case you were wondering.

[Source: Salt Lake Tribune]

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