Wine overproduction fuels automotive industry

In college, I worked in a major fast-food chain where I'd watch in horror as perfectly good, uneaten food was tossed in the trash because it grew too old if left in the warmers more than five minutes. Well, I'm glad the European Union (EU) won't be following such steps with their extra wine. Apparently growers produced more than six million hectoliters (over 158,500,000 gallons) of unwanted wine last year, forcing the EU Wine Management to perform 'crisis distillation' of the surplus. The extra wine will be distilled into industrial alcohol which will be used in manufacturing or as biofuel.
So far only French and Italian wines will be distilled into the alcohol. Other member countries with surplus stocks are being examined as well. The EU has been performing crisis distillation yearly since 1982 except in 2002 and 2003.

Thanks for the tip, gp!

[Source: Environment News Service]

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