Ford Reflex hybrid wins 2006 Specialty Concept Vehicle of the Year at Auto Interiors Show

The Ford Reflex hybrid concept car won the "2006 Specialty Concept Vehicle of the Year" at the Auto Interiors Show Wednesday afternoon. Organized by the South East Automotive Media Organization (SEAMO), the awards recognize vehicles that are most likely to shape the future of the automobile industry.

Award panel jury member Jim Scoutten said, "the Reflex is all that the future requires – small, hybrid, and efficient. But also happens to be gorgeous. Build it and we will buy, no matter what's under the hood." The Reflex also took top honors as the "2006 Most Significant Concept Vehicle of the Year".

And about the name Reflex. Is it surprising that an American hybrid is named for a knee-jerk reaction? Is Ford trying to tell us something about how behind they feel in the hybrid market?

[Source: South East Automotive Media Organization]

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