E85 now available in Houston as local Kroger gets ethanol pump

With all those stories about biofuel conferences and production plants in Texas we had last week (see here and here), it's refreshing to read that there's also news about biofuel that people can get their hands on now. The first E85 pump has opened In Houston at a Kroger store and Kroger says it will sell E85 at 18 stores in Houston and Dallas in the near future. The news comes from the Houston Chronicle, which says there are 354,000 flexible fuel vehicles in Texas, more than in any other state. Kroger was selling E85 for $2.59 last Monday, about 30 cents less than they were charging for regular unleaded, even though ethanol's price is "through the roof right now,' according to Dan Gilligan, president of the Arlington, Va.-based Petroleum Marketing Association of America as quoted in the article. "I don't know how you could sell it for $2.59 and hang in there," he said.
[Source: Houston Chronicle]

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