Wendy's shifts to cooking oil that's better for people, biodiesel vehicles

Wendy's International Inc. announced today that its restaurants will start using a healthier, non-hydrogenated oil to fry French fries and breaded chicken items, according to the Associated Press. For biodiesel fans, this is good news, as non-hydrogenated oil is not only better for people, it's better for engines. The oil, which has a shorter shelf life than the oil it is replacing, has been in development for two years and has been tested for one year at 370 Wendy's restaurants in four states/providences: Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina and Ontario.
Biodiesel proponents, who often get their car's fuel from restaurant waste grease, were excited about the switch, especially as it means a possible clean fuel source when traveling. Wendy's does not have a general policy about giving waste oil to biodieselers, but some restaurants have given it away in the past.

[Source: Examiner via SF Biofuels]

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