Porsche, Lexus and Hyundai take honors in J.D. Power initial quality study

Porsche, Lexus and... Hyundai? It might be a tough thing for Toyota to swallow, but the Japanese car manufacturer's goose has been cooked by Korean competitor Hyundai in J.D. Powers and Associates' initial quality survey of new car buyers. The study, which gauges consumers' reaction to new cars after they've had them for three months, tallies up the number of problems per 100 cars consumers experience in 217 categories like comfort, convenience and design. This set of results marks the first time that the Power study incorporates not only quality issues, but design problems that bother owners (e.g. flimsy cupholders). Porsche jumped from the 32nd spot last year to the top spot with a score of 91, followed by Lexus at 93, Hyundai at 103 and Toyota at 106.

[Source: The Chosun Ilbo]

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