SUV owners receiving special citations in UK

British SUV owners may return to their parked vehicles only to find a ticket decorating their windshield. But they aren't parking violations, they're shame awareness tickets from an environmental group chiding owners for driving resource-hungry vehicles in cities like London. Advocates say they're warning consumers of the genre's potential effect on future generations, as well as those in the present (read: safety issues).

While hardly at the same level of popularity as their U.S. counterparts, UK SUV ownership has skyrocketed in excess of 40 percent in the last half-decade - this, despite increasingly stiff tax hikes that target the vehicles.

The tactic is hardly new, having been reported around the U.S. for some time, in articles like this August, 2002 New York Times piece.

What do you think about guerilla awareness campaigns like this? Have you ever been on the giving or receiving end of a fake ticket?

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