visitors looking more and more for Japanese subcompacts

The Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit were the top new- and used-car search increases in May at, according to the website. Searches for the two new models increased by hundreds of percent over the April searches, while the car that took third place in searches, the Saturn Sky, grew by 31 (new) and 53 percent (used). Searches for large SUVs declined.

Joe Wiesenfelder, senior editor, said "The combination of a low base price and extremely good gas mileage have translated into very good sales for cars like the Yaris and the Fit. If gas prices continue to remain at these levels throughout the summer, sales of these cars and others in this category should remain strong." visitors were not all looking for gas savings, though. Searches for used Toyota Priuses fell by 16.5 percent, more than any other used vehicle.


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