Moonshine and Ethanol and the law

A home ethanol producer I interviewed last Fall for a feature on the local biofuels scene described to me the process he needed to go through to get permission to brew the alcohol. He needed fill in some ATF paperwork describing, among other things, the exact location of the still where he would make the fuel. Now here comes Technoride's mention of Dogwood Energy, and note how easy they make it sound to brew your own ethanol.
Sure, they mention that you'll need the permit, but the general gist is that with some starchy foodstuffs (corn, sugarcane, etc.) you'll be well on your way to $1/gallon gas. Maybe I shouldn't be so skeptical of how simple it all seems in Technoride's description. I know that the man I interviewed had a heck of a time getting any ethanol out of his still when he first fired it up. But if more people tried to make gas at home, we'd all have someone nearby who'd done it before and they'd be whom we'd turn to for our gas needs, not the gas station. That sounds good, doesn't it?

[Source: Technoride, Thanks to Kurt]

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