A guide to building your own Cobra replica

Sure, AC may be bringing a pre-built Cobra to the US, but say the $94K price tag is just too high... or, perhaps you want the full DIY experience. Hot Rod Magazine evidently felt the same way, so it obtained a Factory Five Racing Roadster kit and attacked its 256-page instruction manual, snapping plenty of pictures along the way so that its readers know what's involved in the build.

Being that this is Hot Rod, a stock 5.0L engine and T5 transmission weren't going to cut it. In went a 427-cube small-block Ford from Coast High Performance, and it's backed by a Tremec TKO trans. With 440 horseower at the rear wheels and only 2,200 lbs. of vehicle to motivate, acceleration is downright brisk, with the quarter-mile dispensed with in right around twelve seconds at a trap speed of 123 MPH.

We'd be lying if we said we didn't want one of our own, but we also know that a driver's license stands virtually no chance of surviving more than, oh, 30 seconds in something like this.  

[Source: Hot Rod Magazine]

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