Talk about looking for silver linings. Matt Vella of BusinessWeek takes Toyota's one million vehicle recall and turns it on its ear. Public relations expert Mark Hass of Hass MS&L points out that recalls don't carry the stigmas they once did. According to Hass, unless automakers attempt to hide pertinent information or defects from a recall, they stand to benefit from good PR by actually being open about problems and dealing with them promptly. A company's promise to service all affected vehicles, for example, can reflect one of its strengths. States Joe Barkai, a program director of IDC, a manufacturing insight group,  " Toyota is better structured to fix these types of problems. They're very good at executing decisions, everybody falls in line. For domestic manufacturers, it still takes a long time to learn those lessons."
Other factors including as the 2000 - 2001 Explorer rollover recall "deflating" future public outcries over recalls and Toyota's kaizen philosophy, are detailed at the link. Also worth noting are comments by BW readers who had a quite different take on the matter (read: accusations of media bias).

What's your view? You know the drill...

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[Source: BusinessWeek]

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