Think Different. Apple + DeLorean

Who knows why DeLoreans often find themselves the canvas upon which mad scientists paint their insanity? Doc Brown and his flux capacitor notwithstanding, Ryan Brandys decided to take Apple Computer to task and think different when it came to building a custom carputer.

As we all know, the invention of the Mac Mini computer resulted in a renaissance of custom computer installs in automobiles, but all have been limited by the tiny 7-inch or so LCD screens that are able to fit in modern day dashes. Brandys came up with the ingenious idea of using a projector to cast a 37-inch diagonal screen on the underside of the DeLorean's open hood. While surfing the net becomes a difficult task while driving, one that might results in certain death, all of OSX's visual glory can be much better appreciated on the oversized screen.

Follow the jump for a shot of the entire vehicle and video of Brandys' DeLorean in action as a computer.

[Source: DoLoreanMacMini via]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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