Nice rack: Vauxhall courts cyclists with 2007 Corsa five-door

General Motors of Europe imprint Vauxhall has released some photos of its upcoming five-door Corsa, in advance of the car's debut at the British International Motorshow.

Like the three-door version we've show Autoblog readers before, the five-door Corsa carries over much of the three-door's interior fitments, but it has more interior and cargo space, including "DualFloor" flexibility - a flexible system designed to maximize cargo space. Arguably the car's most interesting feature is its optional "FlexFix," a drawer-like contraption that pulls out from the Corsa's rear bumper to accommodate a pair of bikes.

As with the three door, buyers will have the option of specifying one of three gasoline engines (displacing 1.0, 1.2, and 1.4-liters, respectively), or 1.3-liter common rail diesel. If that isn't enough, the EuroGeneral promises that a third, more powerful oil-burner on its way.

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