Adios Aerio! Next Forenza has your number

Who would have guessed a few years ago that Suzuki would be in the midst of international renaissance? While some locales around the world already have a high opinion of the Japanese company's products, the North American market has suffered through one forgettable Suzuki after another. That's because most of them have been rebadged models from General Motors. The current Forenza, for instance, is GM-Daewoo model built in Korea and rebadged for North American consumption.

Now that GM has sold its stake in Suzuki the automaker has gotten down to business developing its own products, and the next generation Forenza is shaping up to be a contender. Developed entirely by Suzuki and set to be built in Japan, the Forenza's replacement will take the lead as Suzuki's new entry level model with a sticker around $15K. That means the unloved Aerio five-door hatch and four-door sedan will be nixed. No worries though, as Suzuki is planning on 100,000 sales annually for the next Forenza.

We're not quite sure what this means for the Swift's return to U.S. shores. Hopefully the Forenza's entry-level status won't crowd out the hot subcompact from Suzuki's North American lineup.

[Source: Inside Line]

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