Nissan to halt sales of some Altimas and Sentras due to oil consumption problem

Nissan Motors has told dealers to stop selling some 2006 Altima and Sentra SE-R models due to a problem with excessive oil consumption. The affected vehicles, built during the first five months of this year, could eventually run low on oil which can result in catastrophic engine damage, or even fires. Up to 100,000 vehicles are thought to be affected, and so far there have been 215 complaints of oil consumption and 17 reports of fires. The majority of the reported problems are said to have occurred in rental fleets.

Nissan is recommending that owners check their oil on a regular basis, which is good advice for anybody, regardless of what brand they drive. Given the most vehicles don't consume any oil between changes, though, we can see how this problem can catch less-than-attentive owners by surprise.

[Source: Reuters]

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