I wonder if the owners of " EVs That Work" got a sneak preview of "Who Killed the Electric Car?", and decided the struggle wasn't worth it. The company, makers of three different electric vehicles, is for sale on eBay at a starting bid of $925,000. I never thought eBay could be a good way to sell a company, but I guess it's not as crazy as some other things seen there. The vehicles produced by "EVs that Work" include an ATV, a one person stand-up electric utility vehicle, and an electric car. Digging in to their website a little deeper shows that only two of the electric cars were actually built. While there might actually be a production facility for the ATV and the one person stand-up vehicle, all that seems to be offered for the electric car is the original moulds and some plans. The business broker handeling the sale also has no information on revenues, and values all the assets at $141,200. Buyers beware?
[Source: Ebay, through a tip from suirp]

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