Nissan Versa getting Scion-like sport package and accessories

Nissan has announced that come January it will be offering Scion-like sport package for its Nissan Versa sedan and hatchback. While not going as far into the customizing scene as Scion, Nissan will offer items in the order of shift knobs, floor mats and the like in addition to body pieces that include a rear roof spoiler, side sills, a more aggressive front fascia and foglights. These items will likely be sourced from NISMO, and a special color may also be made available for this new sport package.

Apparently the name of NISMO doesn't carry as much cache as Scion's, otherwise Nissan wouldn't have felt the need to refer to these new optional items as "Scion-like" accessories. Toyota should take this compliment as proof positive it has made a mark in the econo-sport segment.

The 2007 Nissan Versa sedan is shown above.

[Source: Inside Line]

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