3rd Annual Energy Tech Conference looks at investing in clean energy

Moving from Texas over to California, here's a quick post on how you could make $3.4 billion if you happen to be in the clean energy business. That is, if you happen to have the only good idea at the third annual Energy Tech Conference taking place next month San Francisco. The conference, put on by the Strategic Research Institute, will bring together lots of "senior executives" and is being promoted as better than last year because "this time, it's not just the specialized energy funds and strategies investors that are looking into this area, but also mainstream venture capital firms who seek the 'next big thing'." I'm not quite sure if the promoted $3.4 billion is an estimate of what could change hands at the conference, or what the market could provide to firms this year, but it implies there's a lot of money to be had in producing green energy for cars and more.

[Source: Strategic Research Institute]

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