Honda FCX fuel cell car video review

There are lots of reasons autotech fans are excited about the Honda FCX. That it's the first fuel cell vehicle on the road is the big news, but it's also cool that the engine noise has apparently been replaces with a sort of starship hum. Japan car tech fiends Nihon Car and Bike yesterday put up an HD video review of the FCX taped during a test drive of the FCX in a Japanese city (they don't say where). You can tell from the video reviewer's excitement that he enjoyed the drive, but this clip is not any sort of advanced analysis of the FCX. Instead, it's a one-camera shot of a guy driving what many are saying will be the car of the future. Since the FCX is not readily available for the rest of us to test drive, we'll have to make due with this for now.

[Source: Nihon Car and Bike]

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