Dunce caps awarded to Rhode Island and other Northeast states for driver knowledge

According to GMAC Insurance, Rhode Island drivers averaged the lowest scores when quizzed about driving knowledge, while Oregon staters continue to have the most knowledgeable drivers. Drivers in the District of Columbia rated just above Rhode Island.
The results, based on a nationwide test conducted by the company, shows drivers in the Northeast failed 16 percent of the time while Northwesterners between one to seven percent.  A breakdown of the top ten cities and D.C. include:

1. Oregon 90.6 percent
2. Washington 88.2 percent
3. Vermont 87.5 percent
4. Idaho 87.3 percent (tie)
4. South Dakota 87.3 percent (tie)
6. Montana 87.2 percent
7. Nebraska 87.0 percent
8. Kansas 86.8 percent
9. Iowa 86.7 percent
10. Wyoming 86.2 percent

A link to the test with full results can be found at the article.

[Source: CNNMoney, picture by Kelly]

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