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Video: Eight adolescents in a Nissan Sentra plunge 200' into an L.A. ravine, survive

Eight kids out for a Mulholland drive are lucky to be alive today, after the Nissan Sentra they were traveling in rolled 250' down a cliff at 2:20am on Friday in Los Angeles, California. You read that correctly, eight teens-two of which had stuffed themselves in the trunk.

As the story goes, driver Deydi Valle, 19, somehow managed to clip a telephone pole while going 'round a curve, sending the overtaxed Nissan tumbling into a ravine. It may have rolled as many as 20 times en route to its resting place. The group included a 12-year old boy, three 14-year old males, a 15-year-old female, and a 16-year old boy and girl. Amazingly, all of them are alive, and two of them were even able to scramble back to the road.

Word about injuries stemming from the crash appears to be a bit unclear, as the text of L.A. station KNBC's writeup indicates serious injuries including a broken back and a collapsed lung for one victim, and a skull fracture for another. But the follow-up video of the station's news broadcast indicates that none were seriously hurt. Also curious is the statement by one firefighter that the six teens in the passenger compartment were all wearing their seatbelts. Last we checked, Sentras of that vintage only have five belts, although it's possible two of the victims somehow shared a belt.

The driver was tested for alcohol and passed, and apparently there's no sign of drinking among the teens. That said, charges could still be forthcoming.

So... just what were eight mostly under-aged kids doing out at 2am in the heavily burdened compact? Apparently they were coming home from a family party.

[Source: KNBC Channel 4]


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