Madrid Auto Show: Fiat Ducato Truckster concept - live shots

Well, we can't say it looks a whole lot better in person than it did in the design sketches we posted earlier. Our man in Madrid, Alberto has graced us with a smattering of photos from his trip to the Madrid Auto Show for  Autoblog Spanish.  We'd recommend clicking out the site, where you can find more photos, including hi-res shots for your viewing pleasure.

The interior of the Truckster continues the tuner-esque theme of the sport truck, outfitted by Sabelt with competition-style seats with five-point harnesses and a sport steering wheel (no word on the function of the steering wheel buttons). The truck is also fitted with a rollcage and a final performance feature - drilled aluminum pedals.

The exterior views highlight what may be the world's largest underbody diffuser, and the 28-inch "turbine"-style wheels.

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