Top Gear to be banned from track over city planning violations?

Britain's leading automotive television export, Top Gear, is reportedly in a spot of hot water stemming from its on-track antics. Apparently, the Jeremy Clarkson-helmed show uses Dunsfold Park (an ex-WWII airfield) in the UK for its Stig sessions, and doing so isn't copasetic with the locals.

In fact, the show's apparently been racing around the facility without permission from the local planning commission, and Dunsford's people are upset about the noise levels that the show generates. As such, the show is in danger of being banned from filming on the grounds, and the site's owners, the Rutland Group, is in danger of sanctions for other planning violations. 

More details of the controversy at the link.

[Source: Telegraph UK]

(Top Tip, Marion!)

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