Biodiesel taxi fleet (made up of one car) starts in Iowa City

Sure, New York and San Francisco have their hybrid taxis, but not every city is lucky enough to have such forward-thinking cab operators. Well, now the late-night crowd in Iowa City has a green taxi service to turn to, too.
Tricia Yeggy, who has driven cabs in Iowa City for over a dozen years, decided this spring to start her own cab company that uses alternative fuel vehicles. Her first car (she expects to have two more by the end of the summer) is a 1982 Mercedes wagon. Naturally, it's got a green paint job. Yeggy told the Iowa City Press-Citizen she'll keep her rates competitive with the city's other cab providers and is looking for an inverstor to help her grow her company.

[Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen, Thanks to Tush]

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