Sky is not the limit for Saturn Sky Redline pricing

Saturn's General Manager Jill Lajdziak has come out to ensure the brand's customers that while they may have to wait in a long line for their Saturn Sky Redline, greedy dealers won't gouge them in the checkout line. While official pricing has yet to be released, insiders peg the price for the turbo ragtop to be around $26K, or $3K above the normal Sky's price. Lajdziak stated, "it doesn't fit with the brand [image]," referring to Saturn's history of no-haggle pricing and stellar customer service. This begs the question whether or not you think dealers are being greedy for charging a premium if people are willing to pay it, as simple supply-and-demand economics suggests the Sky Redline will be worth more in the marketplace than it's priced. While the high performance ragtop has yet to sellout, if it does we'll expect to see some price gouging on eBay Motors and other reselling sites.
Also of note is that Lajdziak revealed there would be no Sky Greenline edition for this generation, but that perhaps the next generation Sky would be large enough to accommodate a battery pack and hybrid drivetrain.

[Source: Inside Line]

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