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Canada likely to go 5 percent biofuel within 4 years

The London Free Press (not from England) reported yesterday that an announcement is expected today from the Canadian federal government on the nation's use of biofuels. It is expected that all fuels sold in Canada will need to contain at least five percent renewable fuel (ethanol or biodiesel, for example) within the next four years.
The push to use biofuels is led by the provinces, the same way individual states are leading the charge in the U.S., but not everyone is happy with the possibility of a national standard. One reason some Canadians are a bit peeved at the announcement is that there is no limit on where the biomass (i.e., corn or soybeans for ethanol) can come from, and there is a good chance U.S. farmers will be delivering a lot of these products to Canadian biofuel producers. Some corn producers in Ontario are taking steps to force duties be placed on corn imported from America.

[Source: London Free Press]

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