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Jeep clips Russian helicopter in unusual late-night accident

In what is surely one of the more unusual traffic accidents reported in recent days, an unspecified 'jeep' crashed into a helicopter in Russia, close to the town of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski.

So... did some thrill-seeking Russian redneck out for a spot of stunt jumping in his 4WD clip an airborn Chinook? Well, not so much. Truth is, the chopper was being towed on a flatbed at 1:30 am on a fog-shrouded night, and the inebriated jeep junkie misjudged the width of the ground-bound aircraft.

The accident left the 'copter right-side up wrong, while the jeep driver has several fresh bruises to help relay the story to the locals at the corner bar.

Sadly, the make and model of 'jeep' (which doubles as an SUV-generic in many countries) and the helicopter were not reported.

[Source: MosNews]

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