No More Hummers. Time to Find a New Target.

GM has announced that it'll no longer make the Hummer H1. When I read the title of this article, my mouth twisted into an evil smirk and I thought, "Good, serves 'em right" or something equally as catty. After all, this is the biggest and dumbest of all the big, dumb SUVs, the one that sucks up the most gasoline and spits out the most noxious gasses. But as I read on, I realized that this was more a token victory than an actual one. GM only ever sold 12,000 original Hummers, and while even one is too many, it's the more popular H2 that's doing the most damage, followed I'm sure by the H3. GM isn't letting go of the Hummer name or ideal, just that one model. And it doesn't come in hybrid. [Source:; Thank you Joel A for the tip]

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