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Is Ford's money dirty? TerraPass is taking an honest look at its partners

I've got to give TerraPass a lot of credit for this post that looks, initially at the "global warming is good for you" crowd at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and then mentions a possible tie between TerraPass and their main car manufacturer partner, Ford.
Adam's post initially ridicules CEI for its uncritical look at global warming. After poking a bit of fun at CEI for their cheesy ads attacking Al Gore's new documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," he turns the lens on TerraPass itself. It turns out that Ford, which is partnering with TerraPass in its Greener Miles program, donated money to the CEI. How much and when is not readily available, but hopefully this will come out in the future. If TerraPass is keeping such close tabs on themselves and their partners, then their opponents need certainly watch their backs.

[Source: TerraPass]

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