Esoteric and interesting automobiles trade hands via online auctions every day. Even still, this is the first time we can recall a Facel Vega FV-1 up for grabs.

This rare mid-fifties V8-powered GT was never built in huge numbers to begin with, so finding a matching-numbers example anywhere is something of an event. According to the seller, this particular 1955 example is perhaps one of 35 built, likely one of seven or so survivors. Despite its French origins, this FV-1 is powered by a a factory-correct, Chrysler-sourced DeSoto Fireflite Hemi V8 displacing 4.5-liters. 

The Facel Vega's original pricetag was as exotic as its flanks... in fact, it was colossally expensive. According to the listing, a new FV-1 commanded twice the money o a Jaguar XK140, or thrice as much as a Chevrolet Bel Air V8 convertible. The unknown nameplate and pie-in-the-sky MSRP ultimately killed the marque's chances, but for one lucky eBay bidder, the dream could live on.

As this is written, the seller has 43 bids, having just cracked the reserve price at $43,000. Click on the link for more photos, details, and a fine summary of the history behind Facel Vega and the FV-1.

[Source: eBay]

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