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Audi launches RS 4 Avant, Cabriolet

Audi AG launched two more wallet-busting, interstate-obliterating RS 4 models Wednesday, the drop-top Cabriolet and the Avant estate.

Both new RS 4s share the sedan's glorious 420 hp V8 engine, redlined at no less than 8,250 rpm. Audi's Quattro AWD is enhanced with its Dynamic Ride Control, which adds active control of pitch and roll for improved dynamic performance.

The Avant recalls the first-generation RS 4, which was available exclusively in the estate body style, while the Cabriolet becomes the most powerful convertible Audi has ever made. The Cab's electro-hydraulic top opens in just 21 seconds, and features a glass rear window.

What Car? reports the new models will hit U.K. showrooms this summer, with the Avant selling for about $97,600, and the Cabriolet going for - wait for it - $112,250.

North American sales are not in the cards, unfortunately.

[Sources: Audi AG, What Car?]

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