Panamericana 2006: running really late in Central America

It's time again to check in with our biodiesel-loving Panamericana 2006 team, driving from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in three green Volkswagen SUVs in 15 days. You can see what they were up to recently here, or jump into the most recent news from the team's daily (belated) updates below.
May 10 – Traveling through the Central American countries is proving difficult to the Panamericana team, and daily detailed updates are impossible, says team member Matthias Jeschke. The short version is that the group is running quite late (showing up to the Guatemalan city of Escuintla nine hours late), and lunch stops are short breaks while tires are changed and other mechanical work is completed. A media event in El Salvador had to be canceled because of the time pressure. In Honduras, a military escort shepherds the SUVs through the country.

May 11 – The time pressure builds because the SUVs need to be on a cargo flight over the Panama Canal by 7:45 on the 12th. At the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border, though, another border guard stymies the entire convoy until he is convinced by someone high in the Foreign Ministry to let the SUVs pass. Now running later than ever, it's not much further to the Canal. We'll have to wait until the next update to see how they fared.

[Source: Panamericana]

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