Dodge insists Challenger does not yet have green light

In a questionable PR move, Chrysler's VP of Communications Jason Vines told Inside Line that despite internet reports of a supplier already working on components for the production version of the Dodge Challenger Concept the company has not yet given the pony project a green light. Vines, who is on the product strategy team for the Challenger, says a business case is being produced "fast" and a decision should be reached by the end of the year. We already know Chevy needs to produce 100,000 Camaros annually for its pony car to turn a profit, so it would stand to reason Dodge is considering how it's going to move that many Challengers. Currently the Mustang is capable of 160,000 sales per year, so the big question is whether or not the market can sustain the sale of 300,000-plus muscle cars per year.

[Source: Inside Line]

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