Sweden to be oil independent by 2020

Mona Sahlin, Sweden's Minister for Sustainable Development (How many countries have a position like this? How many will in 10 years?) wrote a detailed opinion column last week about how little Sweden is going to deal with the huge problem of peak oil in the coming decades. Sahlin's call to break all of Sweden's dependence on oil by 2020 – only 14 years from now – is ambitious, but apparently a reachable goal. The country has been reducing energy usage and finding alternative energy sources since at least the mid-90s, and Sahlin lays out how the country will move forward. Sahlin's six "important measures for sustainable energy" at the end of the piece are not very original (investing in wind energy and using greener transportation, for example), but they show the holistic ways people around the world are attacking the problems of this modern world.
[Source: Energy Bulletin]

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