A British inventor, Andy Green from the University of Bath, believes his new three-wheel TeamGreen car is capable of doing 8000 miles to the gallon in UK units, which corresponds to 6660 mpg in US units. The car isn't an advanced prototype made of unobtanium, but costs just £2,000 to build, which is about $3800 at the current exchange rate. The car weighs only about 70 pounds, and will compete against 250 teams from around the world at for the Shell Eco-Marathon championships in France starting May 19th. Andy Green has built a number of eco-vehicles, and he is the current British record holder for fuel efficiency. The vehicle is powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a capacity of just 35cc. These types of cars, while impractical in daily use, stress the importance of driving lighter cars to improve fuel efficiency.

[Source: Sky News]

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