Panamericana 2006 update - they're in Central America by now

Around midnight on May 4th, three Volkswagen SUVs loaded with special equipment and all powered by biodiesel started driving south from the Artic Sea. Today, they're somewhere in Central America (maybe even South America, their "daily updates" are not so daily). Here's what team Panamericana 2006 has been up to (more recent updates not yet available):
May 7 – While refilling, the drivers get covered in biodiesel and there's no time to shower. Then the team was held up at the Canada-U.S. border. Not long after crossing, they get pulled over for speeding. Still, they make it to Los Angeles and refuel surrounded by food and reporters.

May 8 – The team spends some time in a hotel, taking showers and getting massages. They make it to the U.S.-Mexico border and get another bit of runaround. Once in Mexico, they are greeted warmly and the police even block off intersections to let the biodiesel SUVs through unimpeded. In the town of Novojoa, hundreds of people cheer the German team with a party and plenty of German flags.

May 9 – The team spends the whole day driving. They are 10 hours behind schedule, but still make it to the VW plant in Puebla.

[Source: Panamericana]

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