Honda's Hybrid CR-V Not Going to Happen

I'd heard rumors that Honda's next project would be a hybrid CR-V. I was excited about it, too--Americans don't seem to be willing to give up their SUVs, and thought that it was about time that Honda joined the ranks of Ford and Toyota to produce a bigger hybrid. However, a source at Edmunds says that the hybrid CR-V never made it off the drawing board. The reason? Honda's hybrid technology works better on smaller cars, and no hybrid Honda SUV would be able to recoup in fuel savings the reportedly $7,000 additional cost.
The good news, though, is that like the commercials say, the Fit is go. It should be available in 2008, and the hybrid version will only be $1,800 more than the gas-only version. That's exciting, but it's no hybrid CR-V.

[Source:, and thank you Joel A. for the tip]

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