Conservation-minded Republican's choice: Dodge Durange Diesel

The Tasty Thoughts from the Elitist Pig blog describes the car shopping experience of a conservation-conscious Texas Republican. He is faced with a fairly tough process, since he wants to make an economical and ecologically responsible choice, on top of being able to seat his family, drive long distances comfortably, and allow him to fit in with his pick-up driving neighbors. The article describes in quite a bit of detail his decision making process, particularly his choice of engine and his choice of fuel. So what did he decide on? The "BigAss Ecotruck", a Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel pickup with a four-door Crew Cab, fueled with biodiesel which is quite readily available in his area. Hybrids were discarded since no pick-up models were available, and while he considered ethanol, the lack of filling stations killed that idea.

[Source: The Tasty Thoughts from the Elitist Pig]

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