Citroen will debut this cheerful little derivative of its C-Airplay concept car at the upcoming Madrid Motor Show. Essentially a chop-top Airplay, the C-Buggy is Citroen's take on the "leisure supermini" - and quite possibly the answer to a question nobody's asking.

The doorless speedster-style bodywork is attractive, in a cute and chunky sort of way, with step-plates added to the Airplay's side viewports to make entry into the high-sided runabout possible, if not exactly convenient. Possibly the best feature is the very nicely integrated roll hoops. The interior retains the Airplay's instrument panel in the middle of the steering wheel, but adds sport seats with 4-point harnesses and grab handles on the "door" panels.

The C-Airplay carries a 110-hp gasoline engine with Citroen's SensoDrive automated gearbox and "Stop & Start" technology for low fuel consumption and emissions.

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[Source: Citroen] Thanks for the tip, Alex!

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