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Ten state lawsuit just another political ploy?

Earlier this month we reported on how ten states are planning to file a lawsuit against the federal government to toughen CAFE rules minivans, SUVs, and trucks.
Well, the Orange County Register has taken exception to the suit. An article in the newspaper points a finger at Attorney General Bill Lockyer, the man leading the filing. The OCR slights the suit as a political move in Lockyer's election bid for state treasurer next month. The article cites studies that show U.S. gasoline use accounts for only 1.5-percent of greenhouse pollution, hardly enough to affect the environment worldwide. The Register concludes that 'rational consumers' have already taken gas prices into account, and are migrating to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Hybrid sales inelastic despite surging gas prices
SUV buyers waiting, not abandoning their beasts of burden

[Source: Orange County Register via Desert Dispatch]

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