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Alpine Electronics launches XM Radio Navtraffic receiver

We've all been there - you've just zipped past the last exit for a couple of miles on your morning commute, you sail over a rise and find... brake lights, as far as the eye can see. If only you'd known the jam was there, you could have taken that exit. If only... Well, here's a gadget that can help!
Alpine Electronics launched this week a new XM Satellite Radio XM Navtraffic data receiver module, the HCE-100XM. Connected to the equally evocatively-named NVE-N872A Alpine nav system (pictured), the new unit provides continuously updated traffic information on top of the nav system's turn-by-turn directions.

Traffic coverage is currently available in 31 major U.S. metro areas (by subscription). Traffic alerts include:
  • color-coded traffic congestion levels along major highways
  • incident icons along the route, for congestion-causing traffic accidents or road construction
  • re-routing options for faster, more efficient routes.

Go to for more info.

[via CNet]

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