As much as I support green car technology, the secret truth is that the car I drive runs on good old gasoline. Since it's a Honda Civic HX with a manual transmission, the vehicle gets over 40 mpg in real world usage, and sometimes over 50 mpg on the highways. Plus, I use a bicycle for in-town transportation, so I think I'm doing all right. On a recent road trip from Georgia to Michigan, though, I finally joined the green car movement. It was only for one tank of gas and it was accidental.

During a stop at a gas station (a Pilot, I think) near the Big South Fork recreation area in Tennessee, we filled up the tank. We almost drove away without noticing a little sticker on the pump that said something like "Fuel may contain up to 10% ethanol". Sorry I don't have a picture of it. While the sticker could technically mean that there is zero ethanol in the gas, I'm assuming that the fuel was E3 or maybe E5. Either way, it's nice to see this sort of thing being introduced to consumers without any fanfare. The Civic's unmodified engine ran just fine on it, too.

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