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Fantastic plastic sparks freaky future designs

Here at Autoblog we are flat-out fascinated by concept cars, the wilder the better. The design shown above is one of the award winners in the Royal College of Art's recent "PLASTicon" project, sponsored by GE Plastics (the creators of lexan and other wonder materials).

As you might expect, the creative use of plastics was one of the contest themes, and the creations of the winning "Material icons" team certainly fill the bill. Ana Zadnik's pictured concept vehicle is envisioned as a plastic form stretched over a flexing metal structure that allows customers to spec the length of their vehicle to suit their needs.

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Another Materials icons team design by Daniel Sjoholm targets a unique market niche - celebrities. This particular "Celebrity Utility Vehicle" is designed for Icelandic celeb Bjork, and uses the colors of Iceland as its inspiration, while the AWD electric powertrain marries Iceland-style mobility with the environmental statement so important at red carpet affairs. (And it's much cooler than George Clooney's Tango.)

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