Mercury Milan VOGA unveiled during Miami Fashion Week

The new Mercury Milan VOGA is being introduced right now during Miami Fashion Week in order to help the Ford brand attract the Hispanic dollar. Camilo Pardo, who designed another car you might remember – the Ford GT, designed the Milan VOGA. While the Milan VOGA lacks the 500 horses of the GT, it does add a nice dose of style to the Milan. Unfortunately Mercury is only going to produce one VOGA, which will be auctioned off on eBay in June at In our eyes the stainless blue metallic paint, 3D Carbon exterior ground effects and larger wheels would make a nice trim package for the Milan (perhaps wearing something smaller than 20-inch shoes). The VOGA also gets capped with a stainless steel roof.

Rosalyn Sanchez, who you might know from such cinematic masterpieces as Boat Trip, has been tapped to present the car. The proceeds from the auction will help benefit MANA, a national Latina organization.

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[Source: FusionUnleashed]

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