Humorous song pokes fun, gives message, about SUV drivers

People who suddenly explode into road-rage when they see a lone, petite driver chatting on his or her cellular while driving a full-sized SUV now have a song that expresses their inner Death Race 2000 contestant.
The song, 90 Pound Suburban Housewife Drivin' In Her S.U.V., has only been playing for a short time on the radio but is rapidly becoming a favorite among commuters. Written three years ago by Suzanne Sheridan and Rozanne Gates, the lyrics lampoon a common sight in the US:

Oh, she's a 90-pound suburban housewife,
Drivin' in her SUV.
Talkin' on her cell phone,
Oblivious to you and me.
Kids in the back seat,
Watchin' the little T.V.
She's a 90-pound suburban housewife,
Drivin' in her SUV.

Full lyrics can be found here. With people singing more in their cars than in the shower, we hope those SUV drivers, either between calls or when surrounded by cars blaring this song, get the message. 

[Source: New Zealand Herald, Coquet-Shack, The Auto Channel]

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