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Danny's Contentment: one man's love affair with his electric car

If you've ever wondered what it's like to drive a tiny electric car through London for a year, Danny would love to show you exactly what it's like.
Danny drives an electric Yer Tiz and vlogs the experience. He's had posts about the Queen recently driving an electric car and how the range of his car is reduced in the winter because. Danny recently posted that the end of April marked his one-year anniversary of driving the car, but back in June of 2005 he was still using the future tense when talking about buying the car. Whatever the case, his videos are informative and interesting.

Danny wrote in to Autoblog, our sister site, that every unit of energy he takes from the national grid in England is replaced by power from an offshore wind farm, so his car is truly green. Danny has some bonuses that are not applicable to everyone (he gets to park for free in central London, for example), but his descriptions and videos are useful for understanding how small, smart cars can be used in urban environments.

[Source: Danny's Contentment, Hat Tip to, um, Danny]

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