Bosch grows hybrid business

Automotive News has an interesting interview with Bosch chairman Franz Fehrenbach and Bernd Bohr, head of the automotive business. While the article's title focuses on the growth in Bosch's hybrid business, the interview touches on a wide range of issues related to automotive powertrain choices around the world. While Bosch currently has contracts for its stop-start technology, they are trying to expand their business by developing a full hybrid system, which can be combined with both a gasoline and a diesel engine. For the more technically oriented readers, the rest of the article contains a discussion about diesel particulate filters, describing some of the sintered-metal filter development, which was recently shelved in favor of more promising technologies. While some of the traditional OEM's and suppliers are struggling with profitability, it seems suppliers like Bosch have the resources to develop innovate technologies that can provide fuel saving and reduce emissions.

[Source: Automotive News]

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